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Unholy Death Knight Guide – Legion (Outdated)



Unholy is a Death Knight specialization that focuses on dealing wide area damage via diseases and undead minions. It is most recognizably a cross between a dot class and a pet class.

We have a permanent pet in the Ghoul or Abomination, and several temporary pets, including a platoon of Ghouls and a Gargoyle we can summon to our command, and potentially, a mighty Val’kyr Battlemaiden in place of our Gargoyle.

Our disease repertoire includes a potent plague, in Virulent Plague, as well as the ability to apply festering lesions to our targets that explode violently for damage.

Compared to most other classes, our mobility is limited or non-existent, so please be aware of this before you decide to play Death Knight; you will need to be very aware of your positioning and ensure that you have plenty of time to avoid mechanics that require you to move quickly.

This guide will assume you already have a basic understanding of how Unholy’s basic abilities already work, and will be skipping much of that preamble, in order to maintain a focus on the intermediate and advanced mechanics of playing Unholy as a DPS spec in endgame dungeons and raids. For a more basic breakdown that covers the absolute basics of Unholy, please visit the guide on Wowhead.

With these things in mind, let’s get into how you actually play an Unholy Death Knight.


7/3/2017 – Removed mention of Path of Frost usage for T20 4pc bonus.

7/6/2017 – Updated Dark Arbiter spec Haste Breakpoint information.

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