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My name is Malcolm, and I've been playing games for years in my spare time, while I worked a pretty huge variety of jobs from salesperson to circus barker. But I decided, I love playing games, and I love sharing that joy with others, so why not do something that combines all of my passions.

Abomination Domination

Good news everyone! Blizzard got PTR Character Copy working again! I’m quite happy about this, as I’ve been wanting to get on the PTR for weeks now to look at some of the 7.2 content for DKs.

Today’s post is short, though, as it turns out there is little news regarding Unholy from the PTR, but one of the more fun little tidbits is that we are getting some new Abomination art! Continue reading Abomination Domination

Dedication or Diversity? (Part 2: RNG and Unlimited Progression)

Last time, we talked about the how game designers fight player power:time ratios through Caps and Exponential Curves. Today, we’re going to talk about two of the more hated ways that designers combat this issue: RNG (Short for Random Number Generators, which is gamer slang for anything that’s randomly assigned or obtained in game and can’t be controlled), and Unlimited Progression.

Continue reading Dedication or Diversity? (Part 2: RNG and Unlimited Progression)

Dedication or Diversity? (Part 1: Caps and Curves)

My past couple of posts have been very Death Knight-centric, which is all well and good, because, well, I play a Death Knight as my main class in World of Warcraft. However, this piece, while still very much centered around a specific topic in WoW, is something that affects gamers from all walks and all sorts of different games. That’s because I want to talk about player power derived from time invested. Continue reading Dedication or Diversity? (Part 1: Caps and Curves)

Unholy Death Knight Changes – February 22nd

Plagues are nasty, right?

And usually pretty rightfully so, death, disease and blight are awful, un-fun things. Unless you’re an Unholy Death Knight, in which case, those things ARE your things. Your goal is to spread as much decay, death, and agony as inhumanly possible. Continue reading Unholy Death Knight Changes – February 22nd

The Challenge Facing Unholy Death Knights (Legion)

As an Unholy Death Knight main, I often feel like the last man standing. So many of my fellows have given in to the turn of the tide and swapped over to Frost, I’m currently the only Unholy Death Knight remaining in my guild, out of four in my raid team alone. Continue reading The Challenge Facing Unholy Death Knights (Legion)

New Day, New Brand!

I have officially launched my brand new stream, Veiss’ Vices, in conjunction with the relaunch of this blog, and a Youtube channel. What does that mean? Well, a lot of things, namely that there’s a lot to do. Broken links to fix, streams to run, clips to edit and upload, all that jazz. It’s quite exciting, and at the same time, quite nerve-wracking. Continue reading New Day, New Brand!