Abomination Domination

Good news everyone! Blizzard got PTR Character Copy working again! I’m quite happy about this, as I’ve been wanting to get on the PTR for weeks now to look at some of the 7.2 content for DKs.

Today’s post is short, though, as it turns out there is little news regarding Unholy from the PTR, but one of the more fun little tidbits is that we are getting some new Abomination art!

Everybody remembers our fun, yet derpy Abom?

Your own personal Derpman Jr.

Well, he’s getting a makeover. Acherus finally upgraded our Abomination tech, and now we’ve got a new best pal.

Now with more belt!

I think the new model looks great, the guts look more messy and actively bump around in the new model as it idles, the skin and stitching are much higher fidelity. It’s not much, but it’s something, and it’s not a nerf, so I’m pretty happy that we’re finally getting some new art on this bad boy.

In other news, we may be looking at a shift in talents again, come 7.2,  with a slight revamp to our new Artifact Traits.

PTR Build 23657 (Feb 28 2017)


  • Artificial Stamina (Rank 1) Stamina increased by 0.75% for every trait purchased. for every trait purchased.
  • Black Claws (Rank 1) Name changed from “Festering Talons (Rank 1)” to “Black Claws (Rank 1)”. Your Gargoyle’s attacks have a 50% chance to apply Festering Wound. While under the effect of Dark Transformation, your ghoul’s Claw has a 50% chance to burst a Festering Wound.
  • Lash of Shadows (Rank 1) Increases the damage of Scourge Strike by 5%. Festering Wounds deal an additional %s1% damage when burst.


The Artificial Stamina Change is by and large just a tooltip correction; the two changes that are important here are the Black Claws revamp and the Lash of Shadows change.

In an attempt to relieve our GCD lock, Blizz has reverted allowing the Gargoyle to apply Wounds, to instead Burst wounds. This is good, because it increases DPS directly, rather than by flooding us with more unnecessary resources, but also because with the general consensus currently that Dark Arbiter is now usable it allows the Arbiter to be an even further increase in DPS: by allowing it to break wounds, something we can rarely do while trying to pour RP into powering up our Val’kyr friend, it deals even more damage (reasonably not attributed to itself, but more damage all the same), during its duration.

I’m not sure what I expected when I Googled “Darkness Whip”

Tangential to this, Lash of Shadows now increases the output of each individual Festering Wound by a percentage. How much this actually will pan out to be has yet to be determined. However: this, in combination with the change to Black Claws could potentially increase the relative power of the Bursting Sores talent. We saw a rather drastic shift in the power of Ebon Fever with the February 21st Live change to Virulent Plague, leading many Unholy Death Knights to choose it as their default talent in the level 56 tier. It is still true that Bursting Sores (Combined with the Legendary Bracers) remains competitive DPS-wise in almost all situations. With these increases to the power of Festering Wounds, it is possible we could see another shift in the paradigm between these two talents once again with the advent of 7.2, for you Unholy Death Knights with bracers.

The devil incarnate

For those still trying to get their hands on the Instructor’s Fourth Lesson, Ebon Fever will  likely continue to reign supreme despite these changes, unless the trait increase turns out to be substantial (At a glance, I believe the maxed trait would need to offer at least a 30% bonus to Festering Wound damage, in order to overtake Ebon Fever without the Bracers.) This is napkin math at best, however. I will be talking this over with some of the resident theorycrafters on the Acherus Discord in the coming days, to lock down some more precise numbers. Moreover, a bonus this high would make Bursting Sores a more than clear winner for DKs in possession of the Bracers as well.

Keeping my eyes peeled for more information in the coming days!

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