New Day, New Brand!

I have officially launched my brand new stream, Veiss’ Vices, in conjunction with the relaunch of this blog, and a Youtube channel. What does that mean? Well, a lot of things, namely that there’s a lot to do. Broken links to fix, streams to run, clips to edit and upload, all that jazz. It’s quite exciting, and at the same time, quite nerve-wracking.

We all wonder from time to time if we are good enough to succeed at the things we want to do, and I, like any other human being, have worries and fears, but it is time to step beyond them. And with the relaunch of all these things, I also want to take the time to sort of relaunch myself.

I’m still going to be playing and raiding on World of Warcraft, but I’m currently an Unholy Death Knight main, instead of a Hunter, and as such you may not see much, if any specifically Hunter related content anymore, though I may mention them in passing here as part of my class experience. My single Hunter-oriented post is severely outdated anyway, and as such, I doubt it will be terribly missed. If you’d like to talk to me about Unholy DK, or just shoot the breeze, I’m often available via Twitch chat, or on the Death Knight Discord, Acherus, as Veiss Versa.

As for League of Legends, I currently spend a lot of time in Mid and Bot Lane ADC/Support, so if you’re looking for that perspective, I’ll have lots of footage from that. Clips will be available on my Youtube channel, as well. I’ll mostly be playing some obscure champs like Taliyah, but I’ll also feature some mainstream champs like Jinx, Sivir, Sona and Leona as well.

If there are broken links, please let me know via Facebook, e-mail or Twitch chat while I’m streaming, they are a work in progress as I try to get things up and running. They’ve been working for me, but it seems they don’t always work for others!

Thank you, everyone, for your support!



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